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O Diário da Pinkinha

“Embora ninguém possa voltar atrás e fazer um novo começo, qualquer um pode começar agora e fazer um novo fim”

O Diário da Pinkinha

“Embora ninguém possa voltar atrás e fazer um novo começo, qualquer um pode começar agora e fazer um novo fim”

Do you need money?

When a marriage ends, it is always complicated dealing with the separation, for both, for the person who took the initiative and for the other person. The idea that anyone who seeks the separation does not suffer is meaningless, because from the moment that there is an engagement between two people, there is certainly some care, and if there are have children is even worse.  When people separate, it is natural that both sides want to give away all the material that connected to the person, since the feeling that the person has, will not disappear so soon, so people try to let go of things that are possible.


The first things to go are photographs, small memories of trips and things without monetary value. But shortly after, we want to rid ourselves of watches, and all kinds of jewels. Even, when we think that those things are not for sale, when the money is short, are the first things to go.


For that task I just found in the Internet the site, where the company Gray & Sons is dedicated to buying and selling second-hand items, and to restoration of old articles. Maybe is the solution to your problems, they are professionals, and they will take care of your articles with care.


For those who are Selling Watches , or those who want to find Jewelry buyers , or even Diamond buyers, Gray & Sons are the answer.


If you want so sell, you have 3 steps that you have to follow: first: Request a Preliminary Quote; second: Request an Easy Ship Box; third: after verifying your item they will contact you to tell you about the price. They success rate is excellent, in 8-10weeks 85% of the items are sold, and the item doesn't sell, after 90 days, they will ship the item to you.


This is a good business for you and for the company Gray & Sons, that sell directly to the public, and have always great deals to those who visit them. A company that has 25 years is without no doubt a great company.


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