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O Diário da Pinkinha

“Embora ninguém possa voltar atrás e fazer um novo começo, qualquer um pode começar agora e fazer um novo fim”

O Diário da Pinkinha

“Embora ninguém possa voltar atrás e fazer um novo começo, qualquer um pode começar agora e fazer um novo fim”

The Canyon - A Sanctuary of Healing

Many times when someone close to us, being a friend or family member, begins to be addicted to something, whether alcohol or drugs, we are the first to know the situation, even before the actual person. Moreover, the person who is addicted is always the last to admit that it is flawed and that really needs help.

The first step must be without no doubt of the person that is trying to seek help, is extremely important that this giant step is taken by the one who is really flawed because is going to need much strength of will to bring the treatment to the end, although it is very important also have the support of friends and family.


I am talking about a place that you must know in case of need, it is "The Canyon" and in their own words: "is the premiere sanctuary of healing for individuals with co-occurring conditions. This elite centre offers a complete continuum of care that includes many treatment options, services, and learning tools that allow each client to build a lasting foundation of recovery."


If you have, or if you know anyone needing drug rehab or alcohol rehab, than you must trust in their drug treatment center. In The canyon they have many programs, considering the problem of the person, and they provide individuals therapies, so the person can gain strength and the willing to change. All the things work together to help the one who need, the property, the staff, the food that is cooked, the outside, the gardens, everything.


If you feel that you are suffering of drug abuse or alcoholism don't hesitate and get in touch with them, by e-mail, live chat or phone, they are there to help you.

Do you need more memory?


Computers evolution does not stop and what last year was late technology, today is not, and we must always be looking for new developments, particularly when we are speaking of large companies, schools, State departments and all kinds of companies that work mainly with the public. 

At any time we come to the conclusion that we have to upgrade memory, or the disk, or the graphics card, or anything else, but adding extra memory is today the simplest and most cost-effective way of upgrading one computer, several machines or an entire network.


In Memory Deal we can purchase memory modules that are an exact match of those originally installed at the factory, as they say:” Factory Original Memory Upgrades Keep Computers Running Smoothly".


If we have an Apple or Mac you must read this Apple Memory & MAC RAM, if you need a 2GB stick of RAM you must enter here 2gb Memory Upgrade, or see an excellent deal in PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgrade.


Their goal is to provide customers the exact same RAM modules computer OEMs install at the factory, so that your product can run perfectly, enter their site and see for yourself all that they have to explain to you.


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